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Finding the Hay in the Needle Stack - The Legal Persuasion Provider

The National Law Journal's 2023 National Legal Technology Trailblazers List

Competitive Advantage

Leverage analytics to make data-driven arguments and maximize competitive advantage.

Appellate, Trial, and State Courts

Our one-of-a-kind AI processes are used to analyze judges and courts.

Unlimited Usage

Unlock unlimited access to court, judge, and brief analytics.

The Science Behind the Art of Lawyering

Helping litigators persuade judges, compare courts, and increase their odds of success


Tailor Briefs

Write briefs that are tailored to appeal to the jurisprudence, sentiment, and tone of the judges you are dealing with in your cases

  •     Upload, collaborate, and edit unlimited brief iterations
  •     Identify enhancement opportunities instantly
  •     Access actionable feedback specific to your judge(s)

Understand Judge Sentiment

Make stronger pathos and ethos - emotional and ethical - arguments for judges based on what they have said themselves in prior opinions

Understand Judge Jurisprudence

See judge judicial philosophy scores to understand how they interpret the law (textualist, purposivist, etc.)

Understand Judge Tone

Analyze judge tone to make tailored arguments that appeal to the unique preferences of judges across the country


Compare Courts

Compare courts to identify differences in court composition along jurisprudence and political lines

  •     Compare multiple court composite scores
  •     Visualize court composition easily
  •     Backed by Artificial Intelligence

Compare Venues

We analyze judges and their jurisprudence, sentiment, and tone to help you assess court composition

Research Court Composition

Search for courts based on judicial philosophy, political affiliation, and more

View Political Appointments

Compare courts based on presidential appointers


Research and Evaluate Judges

Search for individual judges based on their jurisprudence, political affiliations, and more

  •     Identify judges that meet your search criteria
  •     Filter based on jurisprudence, party affiliation, and more
  •     Research judges to save time drafting briefs

Research Individual Judges

Understand how judges interpret the law, see who appointed them to the bench, know where they went to school, and more

Improve Brief Drafting

Prior to drafting your brief, research judges to craft more tailored arguments

Make Informed Decisions

Use judge sentiment, tone, and jurisprudence data to make evidence-based decisions