Our Mission

Rhetoric's founding objective is to help litigators gain competitive advantage through actionable insights. While many resources help litigators research precedent and review judge rulings, prior to Rhetoric, there were not tools to understand judge preferences and tendencies. Rhetoric draws insights from the writings of judges and produces practical suggestions to help you better understand and persuade your judges. Launched in 2023, Rhetoric's products quickly earned the national spotlight by its inclusion in The National Law Journal's Legal Technology Trailblazer's List.

Our Leadership Team

Luke Yingling

Chief Executive Officer

Luke, who founded Rhetoric in 2021, brings to the table his education in law and research methods, as well as his written works on law, policy, and courts, which have been published in peer-reviewed and popular outlets.

Daniel Scarr

Chief Product Officer

Daniel is a Rhetoric co-founder with an extensive product development career. Daniel has carved a successful path creating innovative tech products across the healthcare, fintech, cyber-defense, and legal-tech industries.

Warren Patterson

Chief Technology Officer

Warren is an experienced engineer, having held roles such as Software Architect, Senior Engineer, and Chief Information Officer at institutions ranging from major corporations to startups.