We can get any judge or court where there are documents to analyze, but we focus primarily on State and Federal, Trial and Appellate courts.

The academic literature unequivocally says "yes." From research on "the judicial hunch" to linguistic mirroring, researchers agree that judges rely on far more than cold logic and cited authority to determine the outcome of cases.

Here is an example of linguistic mirroring research published in the Harvard Business Review.

Rhetoric is led by a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in tech, law, and academic research. The AI utilized in Rhetoric products is meticulously trained entirely on legal data. To ensure users that data is not hallucinated, Rhetoric provides users with explanations for the quotes it provides and provides citations in the form of direct links to the text of the legal opinions where the quotes were found.

Yes, Rhetoric partners with universities. For more information, please email info@userhetoric.com.

Yes, to explore partnership opportunities with Rhetoric please email info@userhetoric.com

We exclusively use legal data drawn from published legal documents.

In most cases, Rhetoric provides the most up-to-date data available at the time of purchase, but also provides regular updates several times a year.